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I went to Pasadena Sound needing an alarm system for my Toyota Camry,ASAP. I had just lost a car due to auto theft and I needed more security. I saw an advertisement in the Recycler from Pasadena Sound which stated " LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED " The salesman said they could put in the alarm right away and we started talking about a sound system. He was very pushy as he kept telling me the prices he was quoting were great deals and the lowest prices around. I overlooked his arrogance because I needed that alarm in ASAP. I told him I was going to check online when I got home and if they were lying I wanted him to make it right. He agreed and assured me over and over again that they were great deals. He said they offered 0% interest financing with no money down and ran my info which he said was approved. He then presented paperwork to sign saying these needed to be signed to begin work. I signed several papers under the agreement that the work would be completed and approved before the finance company would receive the documents. The last document he tried to get me to sign stated " all work was done satisfactorily" which I did not sign. When I returned at 7:00pm (closing time) my truck was out in front of Pasadena Sound, with only the installer around. He said everyone went home.

The alarm system was in the box, on my back seat, not installed !! I couldn't believe it. They had installed the in dash stereo, speakers, and an amplifier. Which was only part of the sound system. I was told to come back tomorrow.

I went home that evening and did some research and found some very disturbing information about this company. The Better Business Bureau rates them an F (the lowest ). The owner has been taken to small claims court many times. And the reviews all over the internet revealed my fears.

I began doing more research and found out that they overcharged me considerably. Like almost double !!! I also inspected the installation and realized what a terrible job the installers had done and that I was charged for things I didn't receive. I returned the next day with proof of local competitors prices and they refused to honor their advertised guarantee. I told them I wanted them to take the merchandise back, they refused. They said I signed the papers and was stuck with the deal.

The only papers I received from them was an invoice. They never gave me copies of the finance papers. When I asked them to provide copies of the papers I signed, they refused. I have asked again and again for these papers and they refuse to provide them.

I paid someone else to install the alarm system and to fix the terrible installation from Pasadena Sound.

I have been back to try and negotiate a settlement at least 8 times. Each time they lied and promised this and that but never delivered on anything. After 7 weeks of trying to resolve this nightmare, constantly contacting them , having the credit card company calling me daily because I refuse to pay a cent until an agreement is made. I'm hoping and praying someone can help.

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